Lamborghini Parts and Accessories Specials

Huracán Sport and Racing Exhaust Special
Special Installed Price

Sport $8250.00 

Race $8940.00

Huracán Racing Exhaust »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

The True Voice of Lamborghini's Latest Supercar.

// Power increase: up to 5%

// Weight reduction: -10%

// Designed for track use only

// Does not void the vehicle warranty


HURACÁN, Instinctive Technology. There's nothing more instinctive than a roaring V10 juiced up by this sophisticated exhaust system.

A ferocious rumble in all drive modes, STRADA, SPORT and CORSA, will boost your pleasure at the wheel of your Lamborghini and become more brutal each time you shift.

The stylish new laser-engraved tail pipe will provide an extra touch to make your HURACÁN truly unmistakable.

All this can be yours without voiding the warranty of your Lamborghini and knowing the Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini range.

Now available in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

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Summer Battery Special
Installed price of Interstate AGM battery

Huracan $460

Gallardo $430

Aventador $590 

// Add a Lamborghini battery tender during battery replacement for $145

Battery Maintainer »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini Never Runs Out of Energy.

// Provides constant current, even when your car sits for a long time

// Easy to use

// Compact in size and easy to carry

// Embossed with the Lamborghini logo

// Includes battery clamps and a 12 V socket adapter


Your Lamborghini is the perfect car for those great occasions and important moments.

That's why it's so important for it to be ready to go at all times by making sure the battery is always charged.

The Battery Maintainer preserves your battery - during both short and long periods when the vehicle is not being used - by charging it without wearing it out, thus preventing it from discharge by lights, the radio or even the anti-theft system.

You'll always be ready to roll.

Now available in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

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Center-Lock Rims for Huracán »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Exclusive Design and Motorsport Technology.

// Entirely developed by Automobili Lamborghini

// Authentic signature design

// Available in Shiny Black

// Anodized black or anodized red lock

// No further type-approvals required, compatible with the standard tyres


Forged from light, hard-wearing aluminium alloy specifically selected by Automobili Lamborghini, the center-lock conversion kit and exclusive rims re-vamp your HURACÁN with an unmistakably sporty, unique look while remaining faithful to the pioneering design that bespeaks all the vehicles and Accessori Originali of Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Now available in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

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Diamond Rim Badge Set »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

True Luxury, Redefined.

* Real Diamonds and Carbon Fiber
* Completely hand-crafted
* Made in Italy
* Limited edition

Automobili Lamborghini proposes the new concept of luxury. The sportiness and technological innovation of Carbon Fiber in a refined combination with the preciousness and exclusivity that only real Diamonds can provide.

Now available in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

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Hold-all elastic pocket for Huracán »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Available for all Huracán LP580-2 and LP610-4 Coupé.

This kit features the net for the entire rear bench and all the fixing parts, making it an ideal accessory for every client seeking for a more day-to-day usable Huracán.

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Retrofit Cup Holder for Aventador »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Available for Aventador LP700-4 and LP720-4 50°.

This kit allows to install a solid, foldable support for liquid containers of various forms and dimensions. Perfect for clients looking for more functionality inside their Aventador.

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Huracán Aerodynamic Kit »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Visionary, Cutting Edge, Pure.

• Front splitter, side skirt set, rear diffuser and rear wing

• Wind tunnel tested

• Made from strong, light composite materials painted black

• Officially type-approved by Automobili Lamborghini

• Safe in all conditions


A design that fully reflects the values of Automobili Lamborghini, HURACÁN breaks with the past and becomes visionary and pure. But Lamborghini considers the Design of its vehicles to be a starting point and not the final outcome.

The new Aerodynamic body kit combines all the technological innovation and know-how acquired in the decades-long development of limited editions. It treats your HURACÁN to an aggressive splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. An original rear wing completes the kit.

Carefully designed down to the tiniest detail, these components will provide an assertive, exclusive look. A real show-stopper. Accurate aerodynamic analysis guarantees high performance in all conditions without neglecting safety and the driveability that's a key strength of the HURACÁN range.

Now available in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

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Track and Play for Aventador and Huracán »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

The Ultimate Telemetric Experience

• Official Lamborghini Track and Play App available for iOS devices

• Easy to install on Huracán and Aventador

• 56 preloaded circuits, plus Track Creator function

• Huracán or Aventador customized dashboard

• HD video recording and automatic synchronization of telemetry data

• Comparative "Ghost" functionality

• Complete performance analysis

It won't only be the extreme look of your Lamborghini that will make a mark and attract attention, but your performance. From now on, the exclusive Accessori Originali Track and Play will provide you with your very own telemetry tracking and video recording centre.

The powerful, lightweight control unit can be easily installed in your car, while the App can be downloaded from App Store iOS

Create or choose your track, then measure your all-round performance by analyzing every aspect of your driving prowess. Acceleration, speed, gear engaged, G-force, steering angle, tyre pressure and RPM are only some of the data that Track and Play can read, record and analyze for you.

And thanks to the Data Syncing function, you can show the whole world your skill at the wheel of your Lamborghini.

Now in available in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

 Huracán Car Cover »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Now in stock in the Parts and Accessories Department at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

$389 »

Alcantara Lamborghini Travel Bags »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini

Alcantara travel bags with leather trim. Designed for the driver and passenger to compliment your Huracán, Aventador, or Gallardo. Now in stock in the boutique at Lamborghini North Los Angeles. 

$1195 / pair »


Carbon Fiber Exterior Trim Package for Aventador Models »

// Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini 

Contact us for pricing today »


New Carbon Fiber X-Brace for all Aventador Models »

Available in VERY Limited quantities, the newly released factory X-Brace. Discounted packages available to update your Aventador's appearance with factory carbon fiber kits including exterior, interior and engine bay panels. 

Contact us for pricing today »


Upgrade the standard exhaust on the Aventador or Huracán with Lamborghini's Sport Exhaust. This is an official accessory of Automobili Lamborghini and the vehicle's warranty is not affected by the upgrade. 

Check out the video to hear the difference between the standard exhaust systems and the sport exhaust systems. This exclusive video compares the systems on the Aventador and Huracán in Strada, Sport, and Corsa modes. 

Very limited quantities will be available, call today! 

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