When you're in the market for a new vehicle, what steps do you take to ensure it's the right model? With a supercar - like the Lamborghini Urus - sometimes, it's all about an emotional response. You're interested in something high-end - something with performance specs and luxurious appointments that you can't get in any other vehicle.

Perhaps you're after the personalization potential a bespoke vehicle offers. Designing your own vehicle is, after all, more exciting for some drivers than picking from what's already available. Still - even if you're adding a super car to an already extensive collection, you're bound to have some questions about what this vehicle is like to drive. How does it handle? Does it meet expectations? Is it designed ergonomically? How does it compare to the competition?

If you're wondering any of these things - or anything else for that matter - about the Lamborghini Urus, we invite you to view the link in the above Tweet and explore what Autoblog has to say about this Lamborghini model.

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