Polo Storico: Archivio, Preservation and Restoration, Certification

Lamborghini Polo Storico consists of three main components. The first is an archive of historical Lamborghini vehicles and documents. The second and third are available services.


The Polo Storico Archive contains documentation that chronologues the technical achievements and long Lamborghini legacy of producing outstanding supercars. Among the archivio are documents detailing available Lamborghini paint colors throughout the years, technical drawings of historical Lamborghini vehicles, and more. These documents will eventually be rolled out online for owners and fans of Lamborghini models as well as journalists, writers, and researchers.

Preservation and Restoration

Designed to help preserve the historical integrity and factory accuracy of classic Lamborghini models, vehicle preservation and restoration is available to Lamborghini owners through Polo Storico. Based both on corporate experience and a dedicated project, Lamborghini experts and specialists work on keeping cars' original features and materials as unchanged as possible over time through the use of real OEM Lamborghini parts.


Polo Storico Certification is aimed at creating a "gold standard" of Lamborghini authentication, making it easier for owners and prospective Lamborghini owners alike to distinguish between the cream of the crop of classic Lamborghini models and fakes or once neglected models that may have undergone some form of subpar reconditioning.

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