Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Bows


Have you ever wondered what supercars will look like in the future? What they’ll sound like? What they’ll feel like? How they’ll be powered? Lamborghini is giving us all answers to many of these questions, with the introduction of the supercar of the future; the supercar of the next millennium It’s name? Terzo Millennio.

Terzo Millennio: The Four Pillars

Terzo Millennio develops through four pillars: energy, innovation in materials, powertrain & vehicle architecture, and sound & emotion.

Pillar 1: Energy

Terzo Millenio is powered by the energy source of the future: electricity.

Pillar 2: Innovation in Materials

Terzo Millenio utilizes a uniquely modern carbon fiber structure to promote weight-savings with the inclusion of self-health-monitoring to detect any body damage. This Lamborghini model also makes use of structural electric energy storing composites, among other things.

Pillar 3: Powertrain and Vehicle Architecture

Terzo Millennio is not defined by the constraints of current gasoline-centric engineering that must make room for a large gas tank, internal combustion engine, and other gas-related parts. Instead, it utilizes a system of electric motors and batteries to send power to the wheels, directly.

Pillar 4: Sound and Emotion

Current Lamborghini models powered by gasoline evoke certain emotions with the use of high-end materials, sporty finishes, and distinctively engineered engines. Terzo Millenio seeks to evoke similar emotions via high-end materials and finishes, with the emotion evoked by gasoline engines being substituted with the instant torque of elelctricity and modern technology that makes for driving experience unlike any other.

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